Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Crystal Bowl Meditation - November 3, 2017

We are having our next Crystal Bowl Meditation this Friday November 3, 2017 at 7:30 PM - 9 PM. Our location is 39323 Garfield Road in Clinton Township, MI. 48038.  Grab your yoga mat, blankets and pillows and join us as we gather in the yoga studio to immerse ourselves in this sound meditation.  Price: Free, donations welcome.

The crystal bowl meditation sound touches our bodies on a molecular and crystalline level. The body is a network of vibrational fields and energy currents. Each individual resonates at his or her own vibration. Sound is an acoustical wave while color is an electromagnetic wave. The colors of the rainbow correspond to a specific musical note in the same way that each chakra of the body correlates with a specific tone and color. Although there is a tone and color that corresponds to each of the chakra centers, each part affects the totality. This is important to know since each crystal bowl will affect the whole body. You may feel the effects in one section of your body more deeply, but the vibrational sound will also travel throughout your entire energy field. The human body and the entire earth are made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. When out of rhythm, disease and disharmony result. Vibrational sound healing addresses these imbalances or blockages of the energy channels.